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Our family is a family of READERS! Hallelujah! But even though my youngest, Madeleine, is already a competent reader, she had TONS of fun with the HOMER Reading app. Why? Because of the quality and fun variety of the games. And if she’s going to have extra Technology Time during this season, why not make it educational? She quickly picked out her favorite games, and I was pleased to see her improvement and sheer joy while playing and learning!

Before I dive into our experience, I want to quickly hit on some benefits that HOMER Reading brings to the educational app world. And why HOMER would be a worthwhile addition to your child’s technoloy time.

Benefits of HOMER

Created by Experts & Backed by Research

All of the activities in the app have been designed by teachers and child development experts and are kid-tested. The lessons cover sight words, phonics, the alphabet, and more. Best of all, research has shown that by spending just 15 minutes a day using HOMER Reading, your kids could increase their early reading scores by 74%!! What an awesome benefit!

Safe for Kids

HOMER Reading is a safe place for kids to play and learn, without the risk of inappropriate ads or the potential for them to followa rabbit trail into an area of the internet where the kids shouldn’t be! The program is centered around kids’ interests and is designed to grow along with them as they learn new skills, which means the app stays engaging and fun long past the first few months of using it.

Why we love HOMER

Okay, back to our experience with this reading app. Like I said, Madeleine–who is 8 years old–didn’t need help recognizing letters or with phonics, BUT she definitely benefited from the extra practice with sight words.

After just a short time in the HOMER Reading app, she found herself returning to these 2 activities again and again.

Let’s Draw

Madeleine loved all of the options in the Let’s Draw activity

This activity was just plain fun and a nice break from reading “work”. Plus, cute stickers, fun backgrounds, and lots of paint option–what’s not to love??

Create Your Own Story

She could never fit all of the animals she wanted onto the screen 🙂

Madeleine found this activity in the Practice section of the app. It goes hand-in-hand with the Story Lessons in which she listens to a story read aloud to her and follows along with the interactive story.

She loved getting to create her own Make Believe or Animal stories. In fact, her exact words were, “That is my favorite one because it’s just so cute!” And she’s not wrong!

Would you like to try HOMER Reading?

Overall, I’m beyond pleased with HOMER Reading for its educational value and safe fun factor. You can download and try HOMER yourself for free for 30 days AND receive the exclusive back-to-school special price of $45 for the whole year (over 60% off).

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