This blog was born out of my desire to bring together in one place all of my creative outlets. I’m a busy homeschool mom to two kids who tries to carve out time for my creative pursuits.

So who am I?

I’m a writer. It’s what I always wanted to be. Except for that brief period when I wanted to own a store that only sold Pert Plus. Except for that, I am a writer. Oh and a photographer, knitter, crocheter, embroiderer, and a homeschool mom to two kiddos.

As you can see, I’ve got a lot going on. The curse of too many interests. Too many creative pursuits. Or at least, I used to think it was a curse. Why couldn’t I be one of those writers whose only joy, whose only purpose seemed to be Writing? I mean, if I were a real writer, that’s what I’d be doing all the time. Write write write. And yet, somehow I kept letting life get in the way. And photography and knitting and crocheting and embroidering and babies and the hubby.

This blog is way of bringing it all together and proclaiming: No more guilt! I am who I am. I’m creative! I mean, sure, I went to school for writing and even earned my Masters of Fine Arts in fiction writing. But I went to college on a half-ride scholarship for my art, not my writing. I’ve been multi-faceted from the beginning. But I am a writer. And it’s time to bring writing back to the forefront and still revel in my love of photography and cooking, knitting, crocheting, and embroidery.

My hope is that WriteCookCreate will inspire other moms to embrace the many-headed beast that is their creative life and pursue it well…in tandem with their other responsibilities. With children in the picture, these creative pursuits might look different than previously hoped. It’s taken me 7 years to finally clarify and embrace all of the aspects of Who I Am now, here, today. And I’m still working on it, which is what this blog is all about.