Back in November, something clicked and I decided to make a change. I just wasn’t in control of my eating habits–have I ever been??–even though I was taking good supplements and trying so hard to eat healthy. So I decided to try Keto and I’m IN LOVE. Does that ever happen to you? Suddenly you’re able to do something and stick with it when only a week before, you couldn’t possibly have done it.

Sticking under 20 grams of carbs each day is actually so doable that it’s almost frightening! Why didn’t I do this sooner? Easy answer: the timing wasn’t right. But now I’m down 14 pounds and finally feeling in control of my relationship with food.

Why am I sharing this? Because now I’m on this huge kick of cooking and baking all the low-carb things! Because Keto doesn’t have to be expensive or boring. In fact, because of all the glorious fat intake, it’s downright satisfying.

So here’s my latest favorite recipe: Low-Carb Blueberry Scones by the fabulous Julia over at Savory Tooth!



Aren’t they gorgeous? Just like “real” scones!



I let them cool on the baking sheet while I cleaned up the kitchen, which smelled glorious. And if you haven’t used on a SILPAT baking sheet, do yourself a favor and get one! It’s made up of woven glass so it still conducts heat versus a silicone mat which does not. That means the food still gets that perfect little crispiness!



Because I’m the only one in my family eating low-carb, these scones are all for me. BUT they taste so good (none of that fake sweetener flavor) that the whole family would enjoy them. Maybe if they’re lucky, I’ll share…one!


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