During a girls trip to Waco in March, we went to the brand-new Magnolia Wholesale shop where I snapped this photo of the magnolia wreath. The little Wholesale shop is packed with discontinued items and scratch & dent pieces as well. But even at a discount, I just couldn’t quite stomach buying one. Instead, I resolved to (attempt to) make my own.

The original inspiration faux wreath is just stunning. The simplicity and the neutral green tones just do it for me. I’ve never been a big floofy wreath kind of gal. The simpler the better.

I’d actually purchased all the necessary supplies….last year….and then promptly tucked them away in my craft closet. But yesterday I felt inspired to FINISH a project already, gosh! The time-consuming (but fun) part of going out and getting all of the stuff was already done. All I had to do was buckle down and commit.


I found everything I needed at Hobby Lobby. I waited for floral to go on sale and snagged 3 bunches of magnolia leaves. Hobby Lobby also had a magnolia garland but the leaves were too plasticky and would need lots of filling in with additional branches. I didn’t have any floral wire (because I don’t really make wreaths…) so I used my 50% off coupon for that and also picked up a simple wire wreath frame (so cheap!!).

I set out all my supplies, including a glue gun. If I had used a grapevine wreath instead, I likely would have used the glue gun. But it turned out to much easier for me to use floral wire. So I never turned the little glue gun on.


For each bunch, I snipped away one “branch” which had 3 leaves. I did a lot of snipping.

To create the fullness I wanted (and to hide the wire frame), I sometimes attached the branch closer to the center and sometimes closer to the outer edge. Not quite alternating, but almost. I always laid the branch and arranged the leaves for the coverage I wanted and then wired it in. I cut each length of wire to about 3 inches long and then used the extra twisted length to wrap back around the wire frame to make the branch nice and secure.

I stopped halfway through to pick the kids up from school, but all in all, this project took me about an hour and a half to complete. All while taking my sweet time and fielding questions from children and neighbor kids.

My pup Scout wanted to be involved. She’s basically my shadow, which means I get to feel like a sweet silent toddler is following me around all day. It’s truly delightful.


Isn’t she beautiful? I’m so so pleased with how this wreath turned out! I have a feeling I will continue to fiddle with it but overall, I’m thrilled. And only for only $33, it’s $75 cheaper than the (gorgeous) Magnolia wreath.

And once more, in a bit brighter afternoon light!

  1. I’d use floral tape in addition to the floral wire to help secure the branches to the wire frame. I have floral tape…somewhere. But didn’t feel like wasting time searching for it.
  2. Also, I’d consider making a smaller wreath. This one is quite large: 26″ wide with a 10″ opening.
  3. For a fuller wreath, I’d splurge and buy one more bunch of magnolia leaves. I used up every single bit on this wreath and felt like I wanted one or two more branches.

Now get yourself to Hobby Lobby and make a faux magnolia wreath for yourself or as a gift!

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